Sunday, March 28, 2010

Karela (Bitter Melon) Fry


1 lb Chinese karela chopped
1 tbs (mustard, methi, cumin, crushed chili mix)
2 dry red chili
1 tbs curry powder
Salt as per taste
4 tbs oil

1) Heat oil in a frying pan, add red chili and mustard mix and allow the mustard to finish popping and then add chopped karela/ bitter melon and mix it properly.
2) Add salt, curry powder and mix it properly and cover the lid.
3) Let it cook till the karela gets cook and dry, keep stirring in between so that it will not burn in the bottom. 4) In the end uncover the lid and let it fry in low heat for a couple of minutes and karela fry is ready to serve with your choice of rice or roti.

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