Monday, February 22, 2010

Tilapia Fish Curry

1 lb fish filet
2 tomato chopped
¼ tbs cumin seeds
Pinch of cinnamon powder
¼ tbs turmeric powder
Salt as per taste
3 tbs oil

Make paste:
2 tbs grated coconut
2-3 red chilli
1 medium onion chopped
2 garlic cloves
1 inch ginger piece
¼ tbs mustard seeds
¼ tbs poppy seeds
1 tbs cumin/coriander powder (if do not have powder use raw coriander and cumin)

This fish curry will serve 5 people.
1) Grind the ingredient listed under Make Paste with few spoons of water to a smooth paste.
2) Cut the Tilapia filet into about 4 inch long pieces.
3) Heat oil in a frying pan and add cumin seeds, when cumin seed starts popping add the grind paste and fry in medium heat for about 5 minutes and then add chopped tomatoes, stir it and cover the lid and let it cook in low flame for another 2-3 minutes or until the tomatoes gets soft. Keep stirring so that it will not stick to the bottom of the pan.
4) Add 2 cups of water, salt, turmeric and let it boil.
5) Add the fish filet and mix it properly and let it cook for another 3-4 minutes and your Tilapia Fish curry is ready to serve hot with Rice.


  1. Dear Anita
    Just landed here from another blog friend. I like this recipe..Dont get Tilapia will use Mai Mai or other fish...
    Have a nice day

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