Saturday, February 27, 2010

Plain Paratha

3 cups wheat flour
¼ tbs salt
Water to knead the dough
Olive oil

1) Mix salt, wheat flour and water and make it a nice dough. Cover a plate and keep it aside for about 20-30 minutes.
2) Make small ball, now take a ball and roll out to a thin circle.
3) Brush with a layer of liver oil and fold the circle into half as shown in the picture.
4) Again brush olive oil on top of it and fold it (look like a triangle)
5) Now roll the triangle into big thin triangle.
6) Heat a flat frying pan and put the triangle on it and let it cook, when you see little bubble on top, turn it over and let it cook for some time. Now put olive oil on top of it and turn it over and again put the olive oil on this side. Now let it cook this side and it’s done. Do all the paratha the same way and serve hot with your choice of side dish. Most of the time I eat with mitha dahi and pickle.

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