Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crunchy Munchies

1 lb sour cream
2 ½ cup rice flour
1 tbs red chilli powder
¼ tbs ajwain
3 tbs sesame seeds
Cookie press
Salt as per taste
Oil to deep fry

I just made this snack and my son helped me get a name for it. Since it is testing very crunchy he suggested me to give it Crunchy Munchies snack. You can store it in a air tight container to retain it's crunchyness.

1) Mix the entire ingredient except oil in a bowl and make it dough. Dough will be little softer than chapatti dough.
2) Put the dough into a cookie press into the shape of your choice. Press the cookie press as per the instruction, it will make a long stripe and then you can cut it to the size of your choice.
3) Take oil in a deep frying pan and let it heat. Now slowly drop the pieces to the oil one after other and let it cook in medium heat. After about 1 minute turn all the piece over, so that it will cook from both side and get nice crispy. You can take one piece to see if it is crispy and then slowly drain it from oil.
4)Your Crunchy Munchies is ready to serve with tea.

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