Friday, February 11, 2011

Oats and Nuts Brittle

2 cup - roasted oats
1 cup - Roasted nuts (peanuts, cashew)
1 and 1/2 cup jaggery

1. Break jaggery into small pieces and mix with little water (about 1/3 cup), filter to remove any dirt.
2. Boil jaggery on medium heat; stir in between till jaggery thickens a bit. Take a small bowl of water and drop jaggery syrup into water, if the syrup turns to a ball then it's ready to add oats and nuts, if it's like a string then you need to heat little more.
3. Now add roasted oats and nuts to the syrup, switch off the gas and stir it properly and lay this mixture on aluminum foil and spread flat and allow it to cool down and then break it into pieces and your tasty oats and nuts brittle is ready to serve.

I am sending this entry for Feb 10 – CWS: Oats

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