Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aachari Zucchini

1 zucchini chopped into 1 inch piece (about 1 lb )
¼ cup shredded green mango(skin peeled)
1 tbs brown sugar (optional)
¼ tbs cumin seeds
1 tbs roasted crushed powder (funnel seed, mustard seeds, few fenugreek seeds)
1 tbs red chilli powder
1 tbs curry powder
¼ tbs turmeric powder
Salt as per taste
6 tbs oil

1) Heat 1 tbs of oil and fry the mango for few minutes till the water content is over.
2) Heat 5 tbs of oil in a frying pan and add cumin seeds and add the chopped zucchini and fry it for about 8to 10 minutes. Keep stirring in between to avoid this sticking to the bottom of the pan.
3)Add salt, shredded mango and fry it for another 5-7 minutes till the water evaporates from the Zucchini.
4) Add salt, turmeric, brown sugar, red chilli powder, curry powder and stir it properly fry it for another 5 minutes.
5)Add roasted crushed powder over it, mix it properly and switch off the gas and Aachari Zucchini is ready to serve with rice or roti.


  1. Aachari Zucchini looks so delicious ....love the spices u used in it ...i never knew we can make such an indian style dish with zucchini ...thanks for sharing


  2. thats very interesting recipe.. really delicious and healthy one anita